It is not the years in your life but
the life in your years that counts.

— Adlai Stevenson


Based on the ideal of neighbor helping neighbor, the Chesed Project’s mission is to promote social, physical and emotional connection, and to support independence, interaction, and joy for all people over 60 years in Taos County. Facilitated by an amazing group of professional instructors who volunteer their time to teach classes such as Restorative Yoga, Reiki, and Rosen Method of Exercise, all contribute to increased mobility and energy, restored balance and reduced stress, providing tangible health and wellness benefits. We believe in successful aging and welcome all seniors to participate.

The Chesed Project’s goal is to improve quality of life by providing activities, which encourage our constituents to reach their full human and spiritual potential. We provide programs of song and dance, highlighting Taos’s rich musical traditions. Scrabble® players meet bi-monthly.

Chesed's award winning program Apoyos Para Los Cuidadores (support for the caregivers) offers a monthly support group for the caregivers of the memory-impaired; Artstreams: From the Well of Memory,* a monthly interactive art discussion for the memory impaired and their caregivers that takes place at the Harwood Museum, the Millicent Rogers Museum, and the Taos Fire Department Firehouse Art Collection; and a Resource Library that provides education and information on age related issues.

Chesed offers Sage Pages, a resource guide for seniors. See below for how to access the Sage Pages from this website. The Sage Pages are also available in a printed version at the Taos Jewish Center.


Sage Pages, A Resource Guide for Seniors

Sage Pages
A Resource Guide for Seniors

Click here to view the Sage Pages book. You will also have the option to click on one of the index items to go to that section of the book.

Our programs are flexible and responsive to community needs, and we invite you to join in our activities or to volunteer.  

*This project is made possible in part by New Mexico Arts, a division of the Department of Cultural Affairs, the National Endowment for the Arts and the Daniels Foundation.