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Change Happens
 Preparing for the High Holidays in the month of Elul
 with Rabbi Judith Halevy

This has been a year of unexpected changes for all of us.
The month of Elul preceding the High Holidays gives us the opportunity to examine the impact of these changes, and to take a
Heshbon Hanefesh, an accounting of our lives.

This year, the
Une Taneh Tokef prayer that is said on both Rosh Hashanah, when “all is written,” and Yom Kippur, when “all is sealed,” has a particular resonance as we confront the realities of life and death. 
How can we face the uncertainties of th
e world around us?

In the words of the Machzor (the High Holiday prayerbook)
 Teshuvah, Tefilah and Tzedakah
Make easier what God may decree
Make easier what life holds in store
Make easier facing ourselves.

This will be the theme of our work together.
Please try to attend all three classes, if possible.

Monday, August 24, 7-8pm -  Teshuvah
Whom must we forgive and from whom must we ask for forgiveness?  
How can you return to the land of your soul?

Monday, August 31- Tefilah
What prayers of this season speak to your soul?
What is the essence of prayer?
What do I ask for at this sacred season?

Monday, September 7- Tzedakah
Where should I put my energy for Tikkun Olam, to heal the world?
How am I to be generous in this world of change?

You must register to attend.

No charge, but donations appreciated.

(575) 758-8615

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