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Membership  Reminder
Happy to report that we have more new bona-fide members this fall than we have had since I began chairing the Membership Committee 2 years ago!  Keep talking about the TJC and all that it offers and perhaps we will ultimately surpass our membership projections.
Curiously, many of our ongoing, stalwart members have forgotten to submit their membership renewal forms and 2019-20 pledges. It’s easy to put off the commitment “until next month”, but please know that the TJC has a budget and is dependent upon everyone’s annual support. Our desks can be a “black hole” -- take it from me!  So, if you’ve misplaced your renewal form, you can print a copy from this PDF.
Does anyone remember how the old Rabbis would name names from the bimah during the annual High Holy days “appeals”?  That “charming” old custom would never happen in Taos, of course, but the appeal remains.
Please be in touch with Neal Friedman or myself if there are any special circumstances with which we can assist/accommodate.
                                                                              Best wishes for 5780!
                                                                                     Nancy Harris, Membership Chair


The Taos Jewish Center (TJC)  is located at 1335 Gusdorf Rd # R
(just north of Este Es), Taos, NM 87571, USA.       (575) 758 - 8615

Email: tjc@newmex.com


The Taos Jewish Center is a faith based non-profit 501c3, and is a beneficiary agency of the Jewish Federation of New Mexico.