HaKol Newsletter

HaKol, The Voice of the Taos Jewish community and its friends, is published quarterly by the Taos Jewish Center. The current issue, digital-only and thus unencumbered by page limitations, welcomes a wealth of creativity from among readers in a new section, Kolot / Voices.
It assembles a snapshot of individual experiences: efforts to cope during these fearful times by turning to Nature and Spirituality, and expressed through art, essays, memoirs, photography, sacred geometry and prayers.I hope you enjoy reading it and consider submitting to the next issue. -- KK

Are you journaling or doing art these days? Share your work, your thoughts, your images with folks you know.
We all benefit from shared experiences, feelings, insights.
Material for the High Holy days issue of HaKol is due August 6th.
 Email to kkerschen@gmail.com; please mention HaKol on the subject line. 

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The Taos Jewish Center is a faith based non-profit 501c3, and is a beneficiary agency of the Jewish Federation of New Mexico.