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Relax, you’re among friends!

The Taos Jewish Center provides us with a space; a physical space to gather and a spiritual place to explore what Judaism means to us as individuals and as a community.
The community we have created is very special and unique. We stand together during our happiest celebrations and our most profound tragedies. We support and care for each other as Jewish families do. We are diverse, inclusive and egalitarian. You do not even have to be Jewish to have a Jewish family in Taos. We welcome and embrace everyone who cherishes Jewish values and culture.
We have created a space for all of us to explore our Jewish heritage regardless if you started this journey at birth or today. We have a committed and learned Rabbi in Judith Halevy who has become our teacher and spiritual leader. We have three sacred Torah scrolls including an 18th century scroll from Czechoslovakia that was rescued from the Holocaust.
Taos has always been greater than the sum of its parts. Please join us and become part of a very special Jewish experience that you will only find in Taos, NM. The more you become involved, the greater this experience will be. See you soon at the TJC!

Wa-eda MaLaura Wetzler

(575) 758-8615

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