Rabbi's sermon, Erev Rosh Hashanah


Join us for the 19th Annual

Interfaith Peace Chanukah
Wednesday, December 16th,  5:30 p.m. on Zoom

Light a menorah or candle during this unique Taos gathering
featuring speakers from various faiths, prayers and songs for peace.
Donate to an organization helping our hungry neighbors.
This event is free. Everyone is welcome.  

A link to register for the event coming soon!

Sponsored by B’nai Shalom Havurah, the Taos Jewish Center
and the Taos Interfaith Gathering.

Taos Organizations that Feed the Hungry     

The Shared Table, c/o El Pueblito United Methodist Church, P.O. Box 1302, El Prado, NM   87529  www.elpueblitoumc.org

The Taos Coalition to End Homelessness, P.O. Box 1516, Taos, NM   87571 www.taosmensshelter.org

St James Episcopal Church Food Pantry, 208 Camino de Santiago, Taos, NM   87571  www.stjamestaos.com

Taos Immigrant Allies, c/o B’nai Shalom Havurah, 810 Dillon Lane, Taos, NM   87571   www.taosimmigrantallies.org
Sin Fronteras, P.O. Box 531, Ranchos de Taos, NM   87557 (you can find them on Facebook)

HEART of Taos, P.O. Box 613, Taos, NM   87571    www.HEARToftaos.org
Thank you for anything you can give.   No donation is too small.   


We are not alone, no matter how isolated we might feel during this current crisis.  Just seeing each other’s faces, hearing our stories, and sharing a sacred, holy moment together gave us all renewed joy and strength.

-- Rabbi Judith Halevy

Rabbi Judith HaLevy and Cantor Marcelo Gindlin recorded Healing of Body and Soul: Songs and Prayers for Healing.

Rabbi Judith has made it available to the TJC community. 

The Jewish Learning Channel (YouTube) has film documentaries about the diversity of Jewish life and thought from the United States to Israel.

Counsel from Rabbi Judith HaLevy

Dear TJC

We may be separated by appropriate “social distance,” and even the road from Santa Fe to Taos, but it is not in our hearts.
This is a trying and difficult time for all of us, and even though we cannot gather together in person, it is more important than ever to strengthen the bonds that hold us together as one community.
Please, take the time, this afternoon perhaps, to reach out to someone with a Shabbat shalom.
We have many elderly members, and I know that we all will be monitoring their health and well being.
My phone number is
310 - 924 - 2742.
My email is
Please do not hesitate to call and touch base in these anxious times.

Sending much much love (but not hugs) on this Shabbat.
Rabbi Judith

Prayer for Coronavirus Pandemic
Presider over the Universe:
By Rabbi Lynnda Targan

Fear over the coronavirus plague is sweeping across the landscape of the world.  
Everyone has been touched by this scathing interloper, threatening our welfare our businesses and our lives.
We are engulfed in grievous times of uncertainty and worry.
We continue to get conflicting information because no one knows for sure what might be the best-case scenario for keeping the virus at bay and preventing the disease from invading our bodies.
To date there is no known cure and emotional chaos surrounds us.
So we pray that in light of the unknown, we make the right choices.
That we stay safe and illness free.
That those who are vulnerable be spared from this current scourge.
That those who have already contracted the virus heal quickly and completely.
That those who are confined and quarantined stay safe and strong.  
That those who have already lost loved ones be comforted in sympathy by a community of caring and loving people.
Please help our doctors and scientists find answers for this pandemic.
Please help our health-care providers stay safe and healthy and grant them courage in the face of this plague.   
Please help us find peace, solace and serenity in hidden corners
And help us help others stay calm.
Please show us the way to kindness by wrapping us in your sheltering arms…
And bring us closer to each other as we all have to wait in hope and in prayer.
Thank-you for the power of this serene moment in time…


Tashlich at Fred Baca Park,

The Taos Jewish Center is...

dedicated to fostering a positive Jewish identity by providing programs and services that enrich the lives of the people it serves in Northern New Mexico.

The TJC is open to all who wish to participate in experiences that reflect and incorporate Jewish ethics, culture, and observances.

The Taos Jewish Center is not only "open to," but encourages diverse forms of Jewish practice, and we have no single affiliation -- we are not orthodox, nor reform, nor reconstructionist, nor conservative; we are all of those things, and SO MUCH MORE. 


Come join us and embrace the diversity and multiplicity of Judaism as practiced by those in our community.

Won't you?


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